Here you will find yarn handdyed by Charlotte Spagner for Holst Yarn.

The yarn is dyed in small batches and not two skeins are the same even if they come from the same production.

The shades are limited editions – so please make sure that you buy enough for your project.

Charlotte writes the following about her handdyed yarn:

Be aware that the yarn may contain excess dye. Wash separately the first time.
It is recommended to hand wash the yarn.

If you order handdyed yarn for a larger project like a sweater there might be visible difference between the skeins. A solution to this problem is to work with two skeins at the same time.

If you knit back and forth you can knit two rows with one skein, two rows with another skein and so forth.

If you knit in the round - work one round with one skein and one round with another. This will ”camouflage” the difference between the skeins.


She also recommends that you make sliding transitions when changing to a new skein.And that you do not change the two skeins at the same time.