Here you will find our wide selection of the most beautiful markers and stitch stoppers for your yarn work. The majority of our markers are exclusively produced for Holst Garn by the talented girls from MarkersAndPearls.

Stitch markers have become an essential part of many knitters knitting supplies. Stitch markers can help you keep track of rounds, decreases, increases, stitch patterns and more. In this way you can avoid constantly counting and simply keep focus to knit or crochet. Stitch markers come in countless variations and even though they may seem small they are very useful for knitters and crocheters.

Stitch markers are practical but our range also offers many truly beautiful markers that will not only serve a purpose but also add luxury and joy to your project. Therefore knitting and crochet markers are among the most ultimate tools when it comes to creating beautiful creations.

A stitch stopper is placed on the tip of your knitting needle and helps ensure that your stitches do not slide off your needles - especially during transport. If you want to try on your knitting while in progress – stitch stoppers can also be very advantageous. This way your stitches will not slide off the needles when you put on a sweater.