Here you will find our shade bags - yarn bags that contain 5 different colours that go well together - beautifully packed in a cellophane bag. The shade bags are available in the yarn qualities: Supersoft, Coast, and Tides. Each shade bag contains 5 x 10g of yarn.

The shade bags are a part of our regular collection and are available in various colour combinations, always containing the exact same colours and quantities as indicated above.

The possibilities are endless with these shade bags. They can be used in all kinds of knitting or crochet projects, and only your imagination sets the limits. Whether you need a few colours for stripes in a children's sweater, a contrast in a shawl, or something completely different, our shade bags might be just what you are looking for.

If you find it a bit challenging to combine multiple colours our shade bags might help you along the way. We have put together different shade bags that we think would look great in any project - some consist of colours that go well tone-on-tone, while others include a single contrasting colour that can liven up any project - perhaps a colour combination you had not imagined yourself.

You can also see how we have used our shade bags in our knitting and crochet kits. You can find them right here.

Now there is nothing left but to let your imagination run wild.