(003) A Selection

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A Selection bags are for you who likes a surprise and a little challenge with your colour combinations :)

The bags are a wonderful mix of large and smaller "balls" of yarn - and all bags contain a minimum of 200 gr of yarn.

We have devided into the colours scales "Grey, blue & green" and "Brown, red & purple", but each bag does not necessarily contain all these colours.


You can choose quality and colour scale, but the mix of colours has been decided by us - and no two bags are the same.

If you want specific colors, we must advise that you choose from our large selection of 50 gram balls or from the selection of shadebags.


This item is produced ad hoc - the stock is limited

We will produce the A Selection bags when we have enough colours in each quality and scale to make the composition of the bags interesting. And we will not have all qualities and shades in stock all the time.

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A Selection bags are a product in our “Too good to go” line.

When we produce our cakeballs we will from time to time end up with a small amount of yarn which can not be used for the cakeballs. And some of this yarn will be used for these bags.

The yarn is exactly the same as sold in 50 gr cakeballs and at the larger cones. Same quality just at a slightly cheaper price.

Jacqueline Garrison 13/10/2022

This is perfect as a sampler pack. I love all of the selections I purchased.

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