Holst Garn Lucia Alpaca/Silk/Wool/Yak 22 Golden

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Lucia is a perfect alternative to silk mohair

Approx. 200 meter pr. 25 gram.

Lucia Golden goes well with Titicaca Clementine & Titicaca Crown

The colours may not be 100% identical, but together they will give a harmonious shade.

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Lucia is our take on a luxurious light and airy yarn - just as you may know from the many silk mohair yarns on the market. There is however no mohair in Lucia.

  • Lucia is available in 25 g balls
  • Yardage: Approx. 200 meters/219 yards per 25 g
  • Hand washing is recommended.


Indicative knitting gauges:

  • 1 thread at needles 3-3½ mm/US 2-3  (Approx. 23 stitches = 10 cm/4 inches)
  • 2 threads at needles 4-4½ mm/US 6-7 (Approx. 20 stitches = 10 cm/4 inches)
  • When you use Holst Garn Lucia with another yarn, 1 thread will add approx. ½ a size to your knitting needles. If you usually knit for instance Coast at needles 3 mm/US 3 - Coast and Lucia knit together will fit a size 3½ mm/US 4.


Lucia is a perfect alternative to silk mohair. It can be used both alone and as a companion thread. Holst Garn Lucia is a exquisite blend of 42% Baby Alpaca, 35% Mulberry Silk, 13% Merino Wool and 10% Yak.

The construction of Lucia gives you endless possibilities. You can use the yarn alone or as a companion thread. You can knit it relatively tight but it will also work really well with a looser gauge. The wonderfully soft and voluminous part of the yarn will create a beautiful aura.

The Lucia yarn is first spun as a boucle yarn. The core of the yarn is 100% Mulberry Silk and the loops of the boucle is made of Baby Alpaca, Fine Merino Wool and Yak. Once the boucle is obtained the yarn is brushed to create the airy look. The fluffy part that will touch your skin is made of the wonderfully soft fibers Baby Alpaca, Fine Merino Wool and Yak.

The Silk used for the core is Mulberry Silk, this is the fineste of the natural silks. Besides securing the other fibers so the yarn does not shed the silk will also add "shine" to the yarn.
The Alpaca wool used for our Lucia origins from Peru. The name Baby Alpaca does not refer to the age of the alpaca - it is simply an indication of how fine and soft the fibers are. The Baby Alpaca used for Lucia is 21.5 - 22.5 micron.
The alpacas are shorn once a year during the Spring/Summer season - this is between November and February. Each Alpaca yield approx 2 kgs of wool and 15-20% of this is Baby Alpaca.


The sheeps supplying the Fine Merino Wool for our Lucia yarn, live in Argentina. Here the sheeps are sheared once a year between October and December. The wool is 20.5 micron - and naturally from non mulesing herds.


The Yak comes from the yak ox living in the inaccessible regions surrounding the Himalayas. Here the temperature can drop as low as -40 degrees Celsius during the Winter. In order to withstand the biting cold, the yak has developed a fine layer of down fibers, which insulate the animals against the extreme cold. The down fibers are developed during Autumn and Winter – and then shed naturally in the late Spring. The yak is neither combed nor shorn. All the wool comes from the natural drop of fleece which is collected by the local people.

The wool is then dehaired, leaving only the finest of the fibers. The Yak used for Haya is 18.5/19.5 micron.


The yak wool is dark brown. When mixed with Baby Alpaca, Fine Merino Wool and Mulberry Silk this will give a greyish base. We have included this colour in our collection under the name Shadow.


All other colours are dyed on top of Shadow. We have used solid colours in shades which, in combination with the greyish base, give a balanced melange effect.


Lucia is produced in Peru at a large and reputable spinnery. Animal welfare is a high priority and the spinnery have clear guidelines for breeding, shearing and the everyday life for the Alpacas. It is for instance a requirement that the owner of the animals is physically present at the shearing – this is to ensures that the animals are treated with respect.

We have worked with this spinnery for many years, and we know that they will take immediate action if their guidelines are not being followed.

The spinnery is certified according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and all dying of the wool is done accordingly.

Excess water and fibers are recycled to the greatest possible extent – which is not only great for the environment but the economy as well.


The spinnery also has RAS (Responsible Alpaca Standard) and Fair Trade certificates.




Patterns for Lucia:

The patterns listed below are examples of patterns that will work perfectly with Lucia.

The link will sent you to the designer´s website, where you can buy the pattern. We only provide the yarn.

We recommend the following patterns if you prefer to knit with 1 thread:

Cloud Scarf by Katrine Hannibal/Önling

Mohair Sweater no 2 by Krea Deluxe

We recommend the following patterns, if you would like to use 2 threads of Lucia:

Kumulus Blouse by PetiteKnit

Kumulus Blouse O-neck by PetiteKnit

Novice Sweater – mohair edition by PetiteKnit

Novice Cardigan – mohair edition by PetiteKnit

Sunday Sweater – mohair edition by PetiteKnit

Fortune Sweater by PetiteKnit

Blouse No. 1 light by My Favorite Things Knitwear

Sweater No. 1 by My Favorite Things Knitwear

We recommend the following patterns, if you would like to use 4 threads of Lucia:

Saturday Night Sweater by PetiteKnit

Wrap me up cardigan by Plummum

We recommend the following patterns if you would like to use Lucia as a companion thread:

Jenny Sweater by PetiteKnit

Jenny Jacket by PetiteKnit

Agnete Cardigan by PetiteKnit

Oslo Hat – mohair edition by PetiteKnit

Sweater No. 11 light by My Favorite Things Knitwear 

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