(064) T-Pins

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A box with 100 T-pins in stainless steel. T-pins are very helpful when you block your finished work.

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Blocking is a tecniuqe where you can stretch your finished and washed project in the shape and size that you want. It is especially useful for shawls, scarfs and other garments knitted in beautiful lace knit. After blocking your creation will appear even more beautiful because the pattern will open up. It is also useful if you want to make sure that your knitted sweater gets the right measurements.

T-pins are perfect for blocking your finished creations. When you haved finished washing your project, you just stretch it out into the shape or measurements it should have and then let it dry. To make sure that the finish knitting have the right measurements you can attach T-pins along the edge – this way the shape is kept in position while the garnment dries. A T-pin is a needle with a needle in the one end and a “T” in the other end. This helps you hold the knitting. T-pins must be attached to a surface that can withstand a needle.

T-pins come in a pratical plastic box. The package contains 100 T-pins in stainless steel – so they can withstand being used with your wet knitting without any problems.

Each T-pin measures 2 inches.

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