(051) Row Counter


An row counter is a small and practical tool for knitting and crochet that keeps track of the number of rows or repeats so you don't lose track.

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There are an infinite number of knitting and crochet accessories that can be super helpful when you are knitting or crocheting. One tool that can be hard to do without is a row counter.

A row counter can be useful in many contexts and for many different creative crafts. The main purpose of the row counter is not surprisingly to keep track of how many rows you have knitted or crocheted. In addition, it can also be used in a lot of other situations where it's important to keep track of how many repetitions you have made.

This row counter is smart because it can sit on your finger thanks to a flexible rubber ring that can be adjusted in size. In that way it is easy to press the button every time you have knitted a row, and you don't even have to let go of your knitting or crochet work in the process. By using a row counter you can avoid having to make notes along the way - and this has made knitting and crocheting easier and more manageable.

In addition, there is a handy little storage box included if you prefer to have the row counter standing on your desk instead of sitting on your finger. The row counter also has a light so you can use it as darkness falls. If you press the LED button the display will light up for a few seconds so you can see how many rows you have knitted or crocheted.

The row counter is available in several different colors.

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