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One colour bags are for you who don´t mind tying a knot or weaving in an additional end.

The bags contain a minimum of 200 gr of yarn. There is one colour in each bag and it is all from the same dyeing lot.



The yarn come with lot numbers but we can not guarantee that 2 one colour bags of the same colour are from the same dye batch. There may be differences in shades

If you are in doubt about the colors, we ask you to please look at the pictures you find in the Tides category

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One colour bags are a product in our “Too good to go” line.

When we produce our cakeballs we will from time to time end up with a small amount of yarn which can not be used for the cakeballs. And some of this yarn will be used for One colour bags.

The yarn is exactly the same as sold in 50 gr cakeballs and at the larger cones. Same quality just at a slightly cheaper price.

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