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Colourful stitch holders that can be used when you need to put stitches for sleeves on hold, when the back of your sweater need to rest or when you want to check the length of your sweater if it is knitted top-down.

This type of stitch holder is a soft plastic wire with a small hole where you can put your stitches on. Simply attach the wire to the tip of your knitting needle and then slide the stitches off the needle an onto the cord. It is super easy! Theese stitch wires are really useful for anyone who knits.

The package contains 2 stitch holder cables, each with a length of 3 meters – so you get a total of 6 meters.

The stitch holders is available in two sizes:

2mm = fits needles 2mm-4.5mm

3mm = fits needles 5mm-8mm

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If you are used to use a piece of yarn to put your stitches on hold, then you definitely need to try these stitch cables. These cables is actually the same as a stitch holder. The wire is used when you need to put stitches on hold or if you want to try on your sweater in progress to, for example, check if the length is right.

The wire is designed as a tube allowing it to be securely attached to the tip of your knitting needle. The wire is made of plastic which means it “grips” onto the knitting needle – so you do not have to worry about the stitches sliding off the needle or the cable during the process.

If you are knitting a sweater where you need to set aside stitches for sleeves, you simply attach the stitch wire to the tip of one of your knitting needles and then carefully pull your stitches from the needle onto the stitch wire. Once all the stitches are on the stitch cable, you can tie a knot at each end of the wire or connect the two ends together to ensure that your stitches will not slide off the wire. When it is time to continue knitting on your sleeves, you just attach the wire to the tip of your knitting needle again and transfer the stitches back onto the needle. It is super easy.

The stitch holder measures 3 meters. It is possible to cut the cables into shorter lengths to fit your specific needs.

You can choose between two thicknesses of stitch cables, depending on the size of knitting needle you are using for your project:

The stitch holder with a diameter of 2mm can fit knitting needles ranging from size 2mm to 4.5mm. The stitch holder with a diameter of 3mm can fit knitting needles ranging from size 5mm to 8mm.

Please note: Theese stitch wires is not a replacement for the cable on interchangeable knitting needles.

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