(065) Addi loop needle

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Wool needle from Addi with a flexible loop at the end instead of an eye. This makes it easy to thread the yarn through the loop.

The set contain two needles - one at 2.5 mm and one at 3.75 mm.

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Here you get two wool needles from Addi. The surface of the needle is the well-known white bronze-finish, which you may already be familiar with from other Addi products. This coating makes the needle super easy to work with. Regardless of the yarn you use, it will not be a hindrance for these wool needles.

Furthermore, the needle is ingenious because the needle eye itself consists of a kind of "wire" that makes it easy to thread the needle, even with thick yarn. The wire is soft and flexible, making it effortless to secure ends. The wool needle is particularly suitable for making an Italian bind-off in your knitting.

These needles are indispensable whether you crochet or knit.

One package contains two needles - one at 2.5 mm and one at 3.75 mm.

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