(063) Addi2You knitting fingerring


The new knitting fingerring from Addi is so beautiful that you can also use it as jewelry.

Made of 925 sterling silver. 

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There are countless of tools that can make the knitting experience both easier and more enjoyable. However, this knitting fingerring tops the list and adds a significant aesthetic touch to your knitting project. 

You may be familiar with the knitting fingerring from Addi made of spring steel. This time, Addi has truly outdone themselves by combining a highly practical tool with a truly beautiful design. The result is this exquisite ring. This beautiful knitting fingerring is so elegant that it can easily be used as jewelry - not only when you are knitting.

The ring is made of 925 sterling silver and comes in three different sizes. Instead of two holes for yarn to pass through, this ring is designed with a heart and a beautiful spiral. The ring can be adjusted slightly in size.

Small (S) = 52mm

Medium (M) = 54mm

Large (L) = 56mm

Addi has developed this knitting fingerring, which is not only practical and useful when you need to knit with multiple colours simultaneously but can also be used when knitting with a single colour where you want to maintain a specific tension on the yarn.

When knitting with two colours, it is important to pay attention to where and how the colours are held on the finger. One colour will stand out more than the other - this is known as dominance knitting. If you knit with the yarn on your left finger, the dominant colour will be the one closest to the knitting and farthest from your fingernail. It is important to maintain the same dominant colour throughout the project.

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