(062) Addi Knitting Fingerring

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Knitting fingerring to help you keep track with your yarn when you knit with two colours. 

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When you knit there is a lot of knitting tools that can make the knitting experience both easier and more fun. This knitting fingerring from Addi is made of spring steel and will help you keep your yarn in place when you knit with two colours (twocolour knitting or stranded knitting) – for example Fair Isle or Jacquard.

Place the knitting fingerring on your index finger and pass each colour of yarn throught each hole – this way the yarn is separated on your finger and will not be twisted while you knit.

When you knit with two colours one colour will stand out more than the other in the pattern - it will dominate the other colour.

If you knit with the yarn on your left finger the dominate colour will be the colour closest to your knitting and farthest from your fingernail. It is very important that you knit with the same dominate colour throughout the project.

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